Woman Loses 800 Pounds And Now She Looks Incredible!

Remember Marya Rosales, the half-a-ton weighing woman who couldn’t even move on her own and stayed on bed for most of the time. Well, she went under a great body transformation and has successfully reduced her weight from 1000 lb to a mere 200 lb. TLC covered her weight-reduction journey and aired a documentary named ‘Half-Ton Killer?’ on their channel. Marya is planning to reduce more of her weight with proper exercise and planned diet under proper medical supervision. The transformation she has undergone is praiseworthy and an inspiration to all of us.

We wish her a healthy and prosperous life ahead!

The ‘Half-Ton Killer’ Mayra Lizbeth Rosales is recorded for being the heaviest living woman till recently. She weighed 1036 lb (470 kg) at her heaviest.
She was practically immobile because of her massive body weight and she had to be helped by her family for everyday chores. There were chains, hoists, supporters and lifts in her room to assist her.
Bed sores were a painful result of Marya’s stay on the bed for long hours. This was one of the prominent reasons why she needed a big change.
The first step was undergoing a number of surgeries. About a dozen doctors, nurses, machines and orderlies lifted her up and got her into the hospital.

The initial surgeries weren’t going to be tough as the surgeons had to get the extra fat out under her over-saturated skin. Moreover, exercising wasn’t possible until she was made capable of moving on her own.


TLC offered to support Marya’s aim to lose as much weight as possible suiting her medical conditions. TLC made a documentary on her weight-loss successful journey entitled ‘Half-Ton Killer?’
After a few initial surgeries, she was able to walk with the help of a walker and a few assistants.

This initial small exercise was a big step towards Marya Rosales’ dream. She also received a bypass surgery to help her along with the fat removal surgeries.

She was pretty excited and cheerful about working out and a balanced diet.

With regular exercises and surgeries, her condition kept improving.

After six years of continuous effort and eleven surgeries, Marya has successfully reduced her weight from 470 kg to 91 kg.