Someone Sneaked A Camera Into SeaWorld, And Filmed An Orca Doing The Most Disturbing Thing.

Thanks to the brave work of animal activists and the award-winning documentary Blackfish, we now know the extent to which large marine mammals like orcas were mistreated — and how dangerous it is for their trainers at SeaWorld to work with them.

Now new footage has surfaced, shot in 1995 by a park attendee, and it shows a whole new dark side of SeaWorld.

This harrowing footage was captured by a park attendee in 1995. At first glance, this may look like playful behavior, but it’s something much scarier.

This orca is beaching itself, much the same way whales do in the wild when they pull themselves onto ice floes to hunt sea lions. It’s looking for something or someone to pull back into the water.breach

You can see how the trainer quickly recognizes this behavior and warns the attendees — who think the orca wants to be petted — to get back.

Watch the full video below.