Lips Reveal A Lot About Our Personality, Know What!


Lipsology is the study of reading lips, and we’re here to give you a crash course on how to examine personalities of those around you! You’ll have the power to know a person before they even say hello…

Heart Shape

Heart shaped women are generally extremely put together, sophisticated and glamorous. Just like their lips, they’re all about LOVE and will not stop until they find their prince charming (or princess).

Thin Lips

Most women are emberrrassed if they have thin and frail lips, but don’t be! You are ambitious and a complete overachiever, perhaps to make up for your insecurities. You’re also an extremely sensitive and caring woman…never lose that!

If you have wide and large lips, you have no choice but to be an extrovert and use what your mama gave you! Your confident, assured and love a new adventure. Let’s just hope those big lips don’t get you in too much trouble!