Instead Of Throwing Out His Old Cooler, He Cuts Two Perfect Circles And Transforms It Into THIS

The weather nowadays seems to be all over the map.


Parts of the country are having very mild winters and even some spots out west are experiencing unusual day time heat waves. Rather than having both AC and heat bills to pay for, here’s a DIY project that will at least cool down your place while saving you a lot of money. And when summer time comes you’ll have this bad boy all ready to pull out, crank up and stay ultra cool with!

This homemade air conditioner is easy to create and surprisingly very effective. You just need a cooler, a small fan and some tools to make some modifications. Along with the cooler you should get a PVC elbow tube, and the small fan should preferably be one that has a solar power attachment to it. You want to measure a circle around the PVC elbow tube to the cooler’s top, then get your saw and cut out the circle pattern. The fan will go inside as will the elbow tube. You will see a few minutes into the video how he puts the solar powered fan into place.

When everything is set, you get some ice, dump it in and turn this puppy on! You can get a cool air flow of just over 50 degrees and possibly even cooler!

Share this awesome project with friends and family so they can save some money and stay cool during the hot days!