Exercises and Workouts – Your Five Minute Killer Core Building Plan

Ready to take your core development up a notch or two? Part of building a strong center is making sure you always keep your core guessing as to what’s coming next. The minute your center or core starts to get “comfortable” with your routine is the minute it will stop providing results.

As such, change is good. Here are a few tips for developing a killer five-minute core-building routine and a workout that you can try out without too much difficulty…

1. Target All Regions Of The Core. First things first – make certain you hit all the regions in your core. Some people make the mistake of only focusing on one part of their body – the upper core or the lower muscles, completely neglecting their obliques.

To build rounded strength, you need to hit all three sections of your body with core-specific exercises. While you can’t completely isolate just one muscle group (as they all will contract to some degree), you can indeed focus in on one area of your body more than another.

2. Add Core-Cardio Movements. It’s also a smart move to add in some core-cardio based exercises. What do I mean by that? I say cardio moves that will get your heart rate up while you are still utilizing your core at the same time.

Since part of seeing great core muscles comes down to burning body fat as rapidly as possible. Choosing one or two cardio exercises to add to your routine will help out.

3. Keep The Pace Up. Finally, be sure you keep the pace up. The exercise routine you chose should only last for five minutes and most of the five minutes should be work time. You can rest once you have completed the full routine. By keeping the pace up, you ensure you get maximum muscle fatigue during the exercise routine.

To ensure maximum muscle fatigue let’s show you your five-minute core method. Perform each exercise for the period allotted, doing as many reps as possible…

  • burpees – 20 seconds
  • bicycle Crunch – 40 seconds
  • mountain climbers – 20 seconds
  • lying leg raise – 40 seconds
  • running knee raise – 20 seconds
  • front crunch on an exercise ball – 40 seconds
  • plank hold – 1 minute
  • side plank hold – 30 seconds each side

Do this routine two to three times per week and it won’t be long before you see excellent results.

Although managing Type 2 diabetes can be very challenging, it is not a condition you must just live with. Make simple changes to your daily routine – include exercise to help lower both your blood sugar levels and your weight.