An Actor Worth $100 Million Is Left Homeless On The Streets. The Reason Why? Shocking!

If you’re not a fan of Richard Gere, then you need to go back and re-watch Pretty Woman, First Knight, or even Arbitrage.

This is a man worth $100 million, an incredible actor and an even better person, which you’re about to see.

In order to prepare for an upcoming role, he needed to go out and sort of, get into character. To do so, he went out, dressed up of course, and pretended to be homeless. What he learned has since changed the way he looks at the world today. He felt that to everyone else, he was nothing but a dark spot on the area. As if he was something to be ashamed of. Only one woman came by and offered him some food, just the one, and it moved him to tears.

After filming was complete he released a message to his fans, pleading that we be the change the world needs us to be. Take a look for yourself down below and tell me it doesn’t move you as well.