80-year-old elderly man sings Coldplay hit in truly moving performance

You’ll definitely want to check out this unique Coldplay song performed by Fred Knittle who was featured in the documentary about senior citizens called “Young@Heart.”


This guy worked for the Clarke School for the Deaf in Northhampton, Mass. as the vice president of development. After retiring he tried out for the Young@Heart Chorus which has 68-95 year olds performing pop and rock songs. And it sounds like they toured like rock stars as their travelling performances included trips through Holland, Belgium and Germany. He then retired from the group in 2002 due to his health. But every now and then he would return to sing a special number or two.

And this was definitely one of those special numbers he came out of retirement to perform. It’s amazing that the 80-year-old Knittle is totally untrained. He picked up and improved upon a talent after already having lived a full and productive life with a meaningful career. Very few experience this kind of second wind in a completely different field. Enjoy this wonderful performance from a true natural!