11 Ways to Lose Your Gut

1) Go for walks more often.One way to really lose your gut is by being more active. Even small stuff like going for walks burns pure fat. If you are really out of shape then it would be a bad idea to go for a couple of walks a day.

2) Eat unprocessed foods. unprocessed foods. ile ilgili görsel sonucuEat more foods like lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts are all very good for you and teach your body to burn more fat. Avoid junk food most of the time and replace it with these kinds of foods.

3) You can cheat on your diet once in a while. cheat on your diet ile ilgili görsel sonucuYou can have a cheat meal once every 2 days. Just make sure you eat healthy foods 90% of the time so you can allow yourself junk food like pizza, ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies.

4) Start exercising.Start exercising ile ilgili görsel sonucu Start doing basic exercises like body weight squats, the plank, and push ups. Exercises like these strenthen your core and work more than one muscle group so you can expect to burn more fat.

5) Forget about doing crunches. Forget about doing crunches ile ilgili görsel sonucuBasic crunches on the floor is not effective. All it does is strain your back and neck especially if you do over 50 at a time. Instead do exercises that actually target your abdominals and burn more belly fat.

6) Do reverse crunches. Do reverse crunches ile ilgili görsel sonucuThese are the opposite of regular crunches. They really hit your abs without the strain on your neck. Do them by laying on the floor with your legs up in the air and your knees bent. Bring your knees back so they almost touch your chest and then back to the starting position.